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/* On MiST-board CoreAmstrad version */
*'''Edge_Grinder.dsk''': screen not stable horizontally, music change speed during game ? Does pass on Sorgelig fork.
*'''Welcome To Amstrad CPC 6128.dsk''': does display "Incompatible BASIC installed" message.
*'''phX.dsk''': does begin to pass on r005.8.16. Does pass completly on Sorgelig fork (scandoubler). Does finish on amstrad_180804_r005.8.16.5. Does show vertical bars with CRTC0, no display during end scroll part. Does freeze at middle on amstrad_180804_r005.8.16.6 (doesn't launch the read of disk), does pass on Sorgelig fork but song is 2 times slown down before reaching this part. Did pass one time on amstrad_200527_r005. (CRTC0 WAIT_n:quick (Sorgelig GA simple formula)), but I was lucky. Perhaps stabilizing Moustache testbench Did pass one time on FPGAmstrad shall correct that bug, alignement amstrad_200527_r005. (CRTC1 WAIT_n:quick) except vertical bars of clocks after the Z80 reset?begin.
*'''Ghouls'n'Ghost.dsk''': does fail on r005.8.16.2 : time going to zero in 3 seconds, is fine in r005.8.15.2, fine also on Sorgelig fork... also unlocked by Sorgelig in r005.8.16.3 !
* '''Ultimate Megademo (Face Hugger).dsk''': First part is better using CRTC0. Ending part (one just after Lemmings part), a double VSYNC problem (a small scrolling text instead of... a lot of things), music OK during this ending.