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<big>ASCII Tools </big>
ASCII Tools was initially created in 1988 by [[KSL|KSL]] and developped until the end of 2004. Its virgin name was CPCWRITE. For many years, CPCWRITE was left unfinished. In 2004, the grow of interest for the CPC machines in the internet pushed the development of ASCII Tools. The main task was to create a set of tools in order to deal with big source code files (C, Fortran, Turbo Pascal), that were transferred from Windows or MS-DOS Systems to the Amstrad machines. In 2004, ASCII Tools v.1 was presented at the [[COM II|CPC Meeting II]] organized by [[TFM]] followed by v.3 a few months later. Nowadays (2020), ASCII Tools have been further developed and included in the latest version of [[Cosmos|COSMOS]] (v.25/2020) which can be downloaded directly from CPCWiki. <br><br>.