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MC-Paddy II

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[[Image:UNiX2 Asterix.JPG|right|thumb|300px|'''MC-Paddy II (1990) ''' was the second of three "only 72 hours"-Demos created by the swiss trio [[Asterix-Part]], [[Image:UNiX2 TMP.JPG|right|thumb|300px|MC-Paddy II (1990) TMP-Part]]and [[Image:UNiX2 Warlock.JPG|right|thumb|300px|MC-Paddy II (1990) Warlock-Part]].
In the end this party was done three times, see also [[MC-Paddy I]] and [[MC-Paddy III]].
MC-Paddy II
 [ MC-Paddy II Demo (Download)] {||-| [[Image:UNiX2 Asterix.JPG|none|thumb|250px|MC-Paddy II (1990) Asterix-Part]]| [[Image:UNiX2 TMP.JPG|none|thumb|250px|MC-Paddy II (1990) TMP-Part]]| [[Image:UNiX2 Warlock.JPG|none|thumb|250px|MC-Paddy II (1990) Warlock-Part]]|} [[Category:Demos]][[Category:Demos1990]]