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'''TMP''' (Michel Roserens) was a member of the cpc team [[UNiX]]
== Biography ==
TMP is the younger brother of Asterix. He started programming at the age
We will never forget the day when at the [[Euromeeting 1]] meeting he asked [[JLCS]]: "He JL, do
you fancy programming a 'Gump Scroll' with me ? We will never forget JL's expression
on his face asking: "Pardon Excuse me, what's a 'Gump Scroll' ?". TMP at his age hadn't
realized that 'Gump Scroll' (Gump = To jump in Swiss German) wasn't known as
a verb outside Switzerland, hehe...
Despite this he was the strongest of the Swiss crew, when it came to coding. He had
Today he is working in a Swiss bank, is married to his long time girlfriend and father to a cute little daughter.
== Demos ==
* [[MC-Paddy I]] (1989)
* [[MC-Paddy II]] (1990)
* [[MC-Paddy III]] (1991)
== Groups ==
* [[UNiX]]
== Meetings ==
* [[Euromeeting 1]] in Osnabrück (D) (1991)
* [[Euromeeting 2]] in Reims (F) (1992)
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