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MC-Paddy III

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[http://genesis8www.freeroserens.frch/frontendcedric/demoscpc/unixt3McPaddy3%20(Unix).zip MC-Paddy III Demo (Download)]  
The second part is the vertical scaled raster bars. TMP was one of the first ones
to implement this effect at the time.
And the The third feature is being the big fat jumping hardware scroll at below the bars.And last but not least the big sprite on the bottom.Interesting was especially  the smooth mouvement of it.
Warlock's part, once again very colourful contained two very interesting features.
First the smooth upscroll which was a new thing on the scene at the time.
And the never equalled genius effect in the middle: The coloured rasters in the
The spectacular thing about it is that it contains many more of the red/blue colour tones
the CPC was having.
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