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Harrier Attack

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Harrier Attack was a game produced for Amstrad CPC-Homecomputer-Series.
In the beginning '''Harrier Attack''' was a military jet starts from an airplanecomputer game distributed by [[Amsoft]] for the Amstrad CPC-carrier on Homecomputer-Series of the 1980's. The game was also ported and distributed by other software companies for systems such as the seaCommodore 64.
The jet concept of the game was then flying over to fly a landscape British Harrier Jet through a series of bombing missions, with many hillsthe starting position being from a carrier ship out at sea and ending after completing a number of land attacks, which entailed the player attacking enemy buildings and aircraft.
There were many weapons of air-defense trying to shoot are five difficulty levels within the jet from the sky. In kind of game and a second level a city appears. While the whole flight the harrier [[joystick]] or keyboard can drop bombs and rockets. It was not a peaceful game but it made much fun. It was one of the games, AMSTRAD advertised the CPC-Seriesbe used for controls.