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[[image:CPC_472_es.jpg|right|thumb|200px|[[help:contents|Spanish Amstrad CPC 472]]]]
The CPC 472 was a spanish version of the CPC 464 with additional 8 KB RAM.
The reason Amstrad released a special version for the spanish market was a law that said that every computer with up to 64kb should adhere to some rules - namely, have extra keys for the spanish language. So Amstrad soldered in an extra 8kb which was not, however, usable by the machine since it was not connected to anything else.
[[image:CPC_472_esAfter the rule changed there was also a CPC 472 with non-spanish keys available for a very short time.jpg|right|thumb|200px|[[help:contents|Spanish Amstrad The CPC 472]]]]is very rare and people are paying up to 450 Euros for a CPC 472 in a mint condition.