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Simon Forrester

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[[category:CPC scene members]]
[[Amstrad Action]] staff writer, previously known by the pseudonyms Squerf and Boo! The Ghost.
Simon was originally a member of [[STS]], after meeting [[Hangman]] through AA's regular Helpline feature. When the staff writer job at AA fell vacant, [[ChaRleyTroniC]] - AA technical writer and also an STS member - encouraged Simon to apply. He continued to work on AA until the final issue, 117.
After that, he worked for a number of other [[Future Publishing]] magazines and websites; a Bath-based company called FYI, and their site; and Bath-based web designers [ Zehuti].
== Releases ==
* [[BooTracker]]
* [[Safesoft Disc Archiver]]
===Unfinished projects===
* Boo! The Ghost Construction Kit
* Fractal compressor