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Campursoft's proprietors were the Kent-based programmer Jess Harpur and business manager [[Peter Campbell]], who later went on to found [[WACCO]] with [[Brian Watson]]. Campursoft had particular success selling software to [[WACCI]] members.
Campursoft was later renamed '''ComSoft'''== Unreleased == * [[Bbs_terminal|BBS Terminal]]* [[Campursoft_Hard_Disc|Hard disc]]
== Releases for CPC ==
* [[Campursoft ROM Board]]* [[DES|DES - Desktop Environment System]]* [[MicroDesign]].
* [[MicroDesign Plus]]
* [[ProPrint]] (Protext Print Enhancer)
* [[The Basic Idea]] a BASIC-tutorial book written by [[Sean McManus|Sean McManus]]. You can read it online at his site:
* [[Videomaster]]
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