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'''CPC Loader''' is not an emulator exactly. '''CPCGamesCD''' is the main objective of CPC Loader: a CDRom containing a navigable database with all the games of Amstrad/Schneider CPC, similar to Mame32MameUI, including screenshots of the games and information about publisher, year, type of game...
<br>But '''CPC Loader''' is not only a frontend. It includes tools for extract/create dsk images and create new games collections. WinApe and the internal emulators (Caprice32 and Arnold) support the autotype feature: if you want to play a game only select it in the Explore window and it loads and run automatically&nbsp;!!
* [ CPC Loader homepage]
* [ CPC Loader change log]<br>* CPC Loader moving to GTK, early screenshots [ here] and [ here]<br>