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/* Z80 Assembler */
== How to program for FutureOS ? ==
=== Z80 Assembler ===
You can use an assembler for AmsDOS or for CP/M. Work like usual and save the code to disc, then just activate FutureOS through the RSX command |OS or |FDESK. Now you just have to run the newly assembled program. And that’s it. After that you can return to the OS where your assembler is running. Switching between AmsDOS and FutureOS is quite fast, and using |FDESK allows to come back to AmsDOS with intact the first 64 KB or RAM.For programmers the file #E is of interest, it contains all needed EQUates. You should use #E as part of your source code. All the OS-routines are explained in detail in files ROM-?.DOK. The OS variables (EQUated in #E) are explained in file #D and in the FutureOS handbookremaining untouched.
=== Programming in C for FutureOS ===
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