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Soundtrakker (Musizier mit mir) from [[New Age Software]] was programmed by [[BSC]] and was one of the most used music tools on the CPC.
There where three version released:
* Soundtrakker 1.0
* Soundtrakker 1.1
* Soundtrakker 128128K
For [[Weeske]] there was also a specialized Version of Soundtrakker 1.0 with an extra Intro with the Weeske-Logo and a modified manual.
Soundtrakker 1.x and Soundtrakker 128 128K are different in more aspects than just the amount of memory that is available. ST128 ST-128K is a improvement of ST1ST-1.x, introducing
for example additional effects. That's why a new extension (.128 instead of .sng)
was introduced for the files that were created using ST128ST-128K. The 1.x Soundtrakkersare unable to read the .128 tunes, while ST128 ST-128K is still able to read the .sng files.