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<br>Now Kangaroo has forgotten this it seems, maybe because he wants to be with Nilquader alone in the group Spring. No problem, I can accept that. But I really would like to know the opinion of Nilquader. Maybe he writes nothing here only to relax the situation. But however, Nilquader, it would be ok to give your comment here. [[TFM|TFM]].
::TFM, if you don't edit your insulting comments here and elsewhere (about logic etc) I will delete them. I will NOT tolerate insults against me on the wiki that I administer! You accepted that you have created multiple accounts to get around the ban, do you realize this is reason enough for a permanent ban? And, don't you realize that I can just lock the page and thus prevent you from even using multiple accounts? Are you SO shosrt-sighted? [[User:Gryzor|Gryzor]] 15:28, 30 December 2008 (UTC):::As Nil informed me about the "being in the group must be wrong"-Term here, he sure not has agreed to be in the group. As we sat outside at the greek restaurant we founded SPRING. Your invitation to FutureSoft was a JOKE and was understand as a JOKE. Nobody wanted to join the group and the fact, that i did some sounds for a never released game doesnt automatically bring me into a group i dont want to be. As i am always talking bad about FOS you cannot even think about wanting me seriously in your group. and i even dont want to be in there &nbsp;:-) Greets Kanga 30.12.208&nbsp; 20:13