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== Productions ==
=== Demos ([ source]) ===
* CPC+ Desktop*[[Castle Mini Meeting Demo|Castle Mini Meeting Demo]]* Cebit '92 Demo* Chessboard Zoomer* Crittersoap Demo 3* Defender of the Crown image* Demo 1* Elmar Lamer* Fantasy Warrior Animation * Farting Worm* Flying Ghostwriter* Fractal Mountain* GOS Party 4 Intro* [[Heat Demo|Heat Demo]] (1996)* Intros (as Samurai)* Iron Maiden and Samurai Intro* Jumping Text* Lamer picture* Mars Intro* Megademo Intro* Mini Meeting* Nebulus Demo* Orgasmic Park Picture* Original Flag Demo* Original Texture Mapping* Overscan Slideshow* Plasma Demo* Polygon* Roger Rabbit Picture* Rotating Ball Demo* Shadows* Shining Party Demo* Skull Intro* Slideshow* Slideshow #2* Small Effects* Snow* Terminator Scroll* [[Texture Mapping Plus|Texture Mapping Plus]] (1996)* The End* The Flag Demo* Tunnel demo* Twistscroll* Vector Graphics Demo* Wishing Well* Wishing Well Construction Kit
=== Games ([ source]) ===