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CPCWiki - THE Amstrad CPC encyclopedia!:About

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This is a wiki dedicated to all things related to the Amstrad CPC 8-bit computer series. Feel free to contribute!
This is mainly (but, hopefully not solely) maintained by Themis Papassilekas, aka Gryzor.
If you have any questions you can contact [[Gryzor]] or [[Prodatron]] (one of the Wiki-Sysops)
How you can contribute? Oh, in several ways :)
* Got any ideas on the content and structure? Email me at gryzor[at]gryzor[dot]info.
* Got any technical knowledge with MediaWiki and feel you could improve things? Please do get in touch!
* Got some knowledge on:
** the history of the CPC computer series
** the hardware technicalities
** programming the things
** the software available - then please do start writing!
* Got any documents describing more or less interesting things that you feel should go here? It's not that easy as posting it here - if the writer is known, permission should be seeked...
* Any other ideas? Feel free :)
=== Wiki-Napping ===
If you want, you can add the CPC-Wiki to your Homepage. Just add the following HTML-Code and you and your visiors can directly search CPC-Wiki.
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If you add the Wiki-Napping on your homepage just let us know and list your Homepage here:
* [ Die Drei Lenöre]
* [ Kangaroo MusiQue of HJT]
* [ Octoate]
* [ Prodatron / SymbiosiS]
* [ SymbOS]