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Crossplatform tool written in .NET 2.0 for AY music creation by AugustoRuiz, former ComputerEmuzone Games Studio member, and now part of RetroWorks. The music files can be played with Artaburu's CPCRslib for Z88dk.
WYZTracker is a pattern-based music editor, being a pattern a sequence of notes and effects. Patterns can have any length (a song can have patterns with different lengths too).<br>
== Usage Instructions ==
To add a pattern, click the "Añadir Patrón" button (looks like a sheet with a + symbol). A new pattern will appear in the pattern list that is located at the left of the tracker.
To change the base octave you can use the "Octava Base" combobox, or use F2/F3.<br>
== Instrument and FX&nbsp;edition ==
To edit and create instruments and FX, you must use the upper right controls.<br>
FX are a little more complex than instruments. For each FX position, three values can be defined: Volume (green bars), noise frequency (red bars) and note frequency (yellow bars).<br>
== Other features ==
*Import/Export instruments and FX (see the toolbar below the instrument/FX selector),
*Export to MUS files (which are used by WYZ replayer) - this option will also generate an ASM file with the instrument/fx definitions.<br>
== Additional notes ==
Currently the user interface is only available in spanish, but there will be localized versions soon.  == Downloads == You can download the latest version [ here].