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Ocean Software

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'''Ocean Software''', founded in 1982 by David Ward and Jon Woods, was one of the biggest developers for the CPC.
Ocean developed not only for the CPC of course but also for Atari ST, Amiga, Commodore 64 and ZX Spectrum.
They also were one of the few major companies that supported the [[Plus|Plus]] range (especially so since their cartridge game, Burnin' Rubber, was distributed with each CPC+ computer).
During the 80s Ocean was one of the biggest software companies, constantly crunching out new titles.
At one point they even absorbed Imagine, an ambitious software house that went bust.
A short-lived serious software arm, [[Ocean IQ|Ocean IQ]], published the [[Laser Basic|Laser Basic]], [[Laser Genius|Laser Genius]] and [[Laser BASIC Compiler|Laser Compiler]] titles.
Although Ocean put out some really good games, they also built a reputation of publishing trash games based on movie licence after movie licence.
In 1998 [[Infogrames|Infogrames]] bought Ocean Software.
== Releases for CPC ==
* [[The Addams Family|The Addams Family]] (1991)* [[Adidas Championship Football|Adidas Championship Football]]* [[Adidas Championship Tie Break|Adidas Championship Tie Break]]* [[Arkanoid 2 - Revenge of Doh|Arkanoid 2 - Revenge of Doh]]* [[Batman|Batman]] * [[Batman The Movie|Batman The Movie]] (1989)* [[Batman The Movie ( Cartridge )|Batman The Movie ( Cartridge )]] (1989)* [[Batman the Caped Crusader|Batman the Caped Crusader]]* [[Battle Command|Battle Command]]* [[Beach Volley|Beach Volley]]* [[Burnin' Rubber|Burning Rubber (Cartridge )]] (1990)* [[Cabal|Cabal]]* [[Chase HQ|Chase HQ]]* [[Cobra Stallone|Cobra Stallone]]* [[Combat School|Combat School]]* [[Daley Thompson's Decathlon|Daley Thompson's Decathlon]]* [[Daley Thompson's Olympic Challenge|Daley Thompson's Olympic Challenge]]* [[Daley Thompson's Supertest|Daley Thompson's Supertest]]* [[Darkman|Darkman]]* [[Donkey Kong|Donkey Kong]]* [[Frankie goes to Hollywood|Frankie goes to Hollywood]]* [[Galvan|Galvan]]* [[Ghengis Khan|Ghengis Khan]]* [[Gilligan's Gold|Gilligan's Gold]]* [[The Great Escape|The Great Escape]]* [[Gryzor|Gryzor]]* [[Head Over Heels|Head Over Heels]]* [[Highlander|Highlander]]* [[Hudson Hawk|Hudson Hawk]]* [[Hunchback|Hunchback]] * [[Hunchback 2II - Quasimodo's Revenge|Hunchback II - Quasimodo's Revenge]]* [[Hunchback the Adventure|Hunchback the Adventure]]* [[It's a Knockout|It's a Knockout]] * [[Knight Bride|Knight Bride]]* [[Knight Rider|Knight Rider]]* [[Kong Strikes Back|Kong Strikes Back]]* [[Madballs|Madballs]]* [[Mario Bros.|Mario Bros.]] * [[Match Day|Match Day]]* [[Matchday 2|Matchday 2]]* [[Miami Vice|Miami Vice]]* [[Midnight Resistance|Midnight Resistance]]* [[Mutants|Mutants]]* [[Narc|Narc]]* [[Navy Seals|Navy Seals]]* [[Never Ending Story|Never Ending Story]] * [[The New Zealand Story|The New Zealand Story]]* [[Night Breed|Night Breed]]* [[Nomad|Nomad]]* [[Operation Thunderbolt|Operation Thunderbolt]]* [[Operation Wolf|Operation Wolf]]* [[Pang|Pang]]* [[Phantom Club|Phantom Club]]* [[Platoon|Platoon]] * [[Plotting|Plotting]]* [[Puzznic|Puzznic]]* [[Rainbow Islands|Rainbow Islands]]* [[Rambo - First Blood 2|Rambo - First Blood 2]]* [[Rambo 3|Rambo 3]] * [[Rastan|Rastan]]* [[Red Heat|Red Heat]]* [[Robocop|Robocop]] (1987)* [[Robocop 2|Robocop 2]]* [[Robocop 3|Robocop 3]]* [[Run for Gold|Run for Gold]]* [[Run the Gauntlet|Run the Gauntlet]]* [[Shadow Warriors|Shadow Warriors]]* [[Short Circuit|Short Circuit]]* [[Short Circuit 2|Short Circuit 2]]* [[Simpsons: Bart vs. The Space Mutants|Simpsons: Bart vs. The Space Mutants]] * [[Sly Spy|Sly Spy]]* [[Smash TV|Smash TV]]* [[Space Gun|Space Gun]]* [[Street Hawk|Street Hawk]]* [[Super Test Decathlon|Super Test Decathlon]]* [[Super Wondeboy in Monsterland|Super Wondeboy in Monsterland]]* [[Superbowl|Superbowl]]* [[Tai Pan|Tai Pan]]* [[Tank|Tank]]* [[Target Renegade|Target Renegade]]* [[Terminator 2|Terminator 2]]* [[Toki|Toki]]* [[Top Gun|Top Gun]]* [[Total Recall|Total Recall]] * [[Track & Field|Track & Field]]* [[Typhoon (Ocean)|Typhoon]]* [[The Untouchables|The Untouchables]]* [[V - The Visitors|V - The Visitors]]* [[The Vindicator|The Vindicator]]* [[Where Time Stoods Still|Where Time Stoods Still]]* [[Wizball|Wizball]]* [[World Cup Carnival 86|World Cup Carnival 86]]* [[WWF Wrestlemania Challenge|WWF Wrestlemania Challenge]]
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