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Leather Rebel

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[[Image:Leather.jpg|thumb|Leather Rebel in the early 90s]][[Image:Leather_rebelLeather rebel.jpg|thumb|Leather Rebel today]]
'''Leather Rebel''' (Jörn Grunert) also known as Opelomega (as a little sidekick to the renaming of OAS to Hypnomega) was a fanzine editor and publisher of the german CPC scene.
== Releases ==
* [[CPC-Fastloader|CPC-Fastloader]] (1992-1993) []* [[CPC Ohullenge|CPC Ohullenge]]* [[Alpha Demo|Alpha Demo]] guest part* [[X-Treme|X-Treme]] (1993-1994) []
== Groups ==
* [[The Rejects|The Rejects]] (1992)* [[BENG!|BENG!]] (1992-1993)
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