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'''CPC Loader''' is not an emulator exactly. '''CPCGamesCD''' is the main objective of CPC Loader: a CDROM containing a navigable database with all the games of the Amstrad/Schneider CPC, similar to MameUI, including screenshots of the games and information about publisher, year and type of game (sports, action).<br>
<br>But '''CPC Loader''' is not only a frontend. It includes tools for extracting and creating dsk images and creating new games collections. WinApe and the internal emulators (Caprice32 and Arnold) support the autotype feature: if you want to play a game just select it in the Explore window and it will run automatically. This removes the need to type ''run"gamename.dsk"'' etc.<br>
<br>'''CPC Loader''' is developed by Troels K and '''CPCGamesCD''' and its screenshots are compiled by MiguelSky.
<br>Last '''CPCGamesCD''' update: 1621/0904/20082009:<br>Includes frontend, new CPC Loader 2.1 4 by Troels K&nbsp;!!<br>NVG games update 0511.0904.20082009&nbsp;!!<br>Includes Snap-Pack by MiguelSky (3534 3576 images)&nbsp;!!<br>Added new versions of JavaCPC ( and WinAPE&nbsp;(2.0a17) emulatorsemulator&nbsp;!!<br>Includes Linux version of CPCLoader, Caprice 2.4.2, Arnold, XCPC, CPCEmu &nbsp;and JavaCPCemus updates&nbsp;!!<br>Includes Links to T.A.C.G.R. pages of each game&nbsp;!!
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