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KDS Electronics

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* [[RAMDOS]] and [[ROMDOS]] (later resold by [[Siren Software]])
== Unidentified Hardware ==
[[Image:KDS.jpg|right|thumb|250px|KDS Interface for the Amstrad]]
'''KDS Interface for the Amstrad''' - there is some confusion on this device.
* Some people say it'd be a serial interface - this may be true, but it's definetly NOT the [[KDS Electronics Serial Interface]] (which has a 50pin connector).
* The device looks quite similar to the [[KDS 8-Bit Printer Port]] but with an additional cable attached to it, which isn't attached (or isn't visible) on the 8bit port photo, [[Media:KDS8Bit.jpg]].
Actually, the [[KDS 8-Bit Printer Port]] should require a similar cable (for 5V power supply, which isn't available on the CPCs 34pin printer port). So quite possibly likely, The "KDS Interface" and "KDS 8-Bit Printer Port" are the same hardware, and do both have the cable, but with the cable being not visible on one of the photos for whatever reason.