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KDS Electronics

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[[Category:CPC related companies]]A UK-based hardware firm. KDS has been one of the first companies to make CPC peripherals, they have had adverts in every issue of ACU from January 1985 to February 1987. After February 1987 they seem to have vanished suddenly.
== Hardware ==
* [[KDS Electronics Serial Interface|KDS Serial Interface]](1/1985) (9/1986: new version with Comms Pak software)* [[KDS Power Controller]]* [[KDS 5¼" Disc DriveTwin 8bit I/O Port]](1/1985) (4/1986 advert says it uses Z80APIO)* [[KDS 8-Bit Printer Port]](4/1985) (4/1986 advert says (new version?) without power input needed)* [[KDS Sideways ROM Board]](7/1985: original version for 4 roms) (4/1986: new version for 5 roms)* [[KDS Communicator 104]] (7/1985) (this modem connects directly to the CPC's expansion port)* [[KDS Power Controller]] (4/1986)* KDS Serial and Parallel Port (4/1986) (for PCW, not for CPC)* KDS Printer T Switch (4/1986)* [[Mini-Max Modem|KDS Mini-Max Modem]] (9/1986) (this modem connects via RS232 interface)* Serial and Parallel Port[[KDS 5¼" Disc Drive]] (19xx ?)* Printer T Switch[[ROMDOS]] (19xx ?)* KDS Chatterbox (for PCW, not for CPC)
== Software ==
* [[RAMDOS]] and [[ROMDOS]] (later resold by [[Siren Software]])
== Unidentified Hardware ==
[[Image:KDS.jpg|right|thumb|250px|KDS Interface for the Amstrad]]
'''KDS Interface for the Amstrad''' - there is some confusion on this device.
* Some people say it'd be a serial interface - this may be true, but it's definetly NOT the [[KDS Electronics Serial Interface]] (which has a 50pin connector).
* The device looks quite similar to the [[KDS 8-Bit Printer Port]] but with an additional cable attached to it, which isn't attached (or isn't visible) on the 8bit port photo, [[Media:KDS8Bit.jpg]].
Actually, the [[KDS 8-Bit Printer Port]] should require a similar cable (for 5V power supply, which isn't available on the CPCs 34pin printer port). So it's quite possible that the "KDS Interface" and "KDS 8-Bit Printer Port" are the same hardware, both having the cable, but with the cable being not visible on one of the photos for whatever reason.
== Adverts ==
<gallery caption="1986">
File:ACU8601-052.jpg|ACU Jan 1986
File:ACU8602-097.jpg|ACU Feb 1986
File:ACU8603-040.jpg|ACU Mar 1986
File:ACU8604-090.jpg|ACU Apr 1986
File:ACU8605-048.jpg|ACU May 1986
File:ACU8606-131.jpg|ACU Jun 1986File:ACU8607-131.jpg|ACU Jul 1986File:ACU8608-127.jpg|ACU Aug 1986
File:ACU8609-078.jpg|ACU Sep 1986
File:ACU8610-094.jpg|ACU Oct 1986
File:ACU8612-047.jpg|ACU Dec 1986
<gallery caption="1987">
File:ACU8701103.jpg|ACU Jan 1987
File:ACU8702090.jpg|ACU Feb 1987
[[Category:CPC related companies]]