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/* Impact on French market */
=Impact on French market=
Because As a french computer, french games producers ported many a good amount of their games on those computers.
Thomson computers were know known to have been used in some "common developpments" and ports for Amstrad CPC games.
As later MO6/TO8 models did include Video mode similar to Amstrad CPC's ones, in addition to a 16 colours character attributed mode (like on MSX1 or Spectrum...more like the MSX1 though...) and a 4096 colour palette, the portage was easier.
Also those later models included more RAM than Amstrad's 8 bit computers, hence being sometimes more faithfull to Atari ST version.
But those computers were lacking a decent sound chip as it was shipped with only a "beeper". Thomson said more decent sound system would be included into cartridgecartridges, but they would never be available.
Even the AY seems like a Sid in comparison.
And the almost Almost only market was France (perhaps a few sold in Italia), where Amstrad litteraly raped Thomson's market shares in their homeland.
The fact was that the Amstrad CPC was more well rounded machine, far cheaper and had a fully compatible range while MO6 wasn't even compatible with TO8 (nor MO5 with TO7).
Thomsons Thomson computers also got their share of '''Speccy Ports'''due to the Attribute based Video mode of the 1st generation'''MO5 was basically a 6809E based ZX Spectrum.'''
=Exemples of games co-developped on Thomson and CPC=