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XzentriX Meeting 2006

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The '''[[XzentriX]] 2006''' took place september 2006 in Seeshaupt, Germany, and was - as always - organised by [[Mr. Ams]] and Robert Sterff. As usual it was a party for all old (8bit) computers from the 70ies, 80ies and early 90ies. Under the participians there was again a very high amount of CPC scene members. == Weblinks Participiants ==* [[Brainblaster]]* [[Dr.Zed]]* [[Kangaroo MusiQue]]* [[Mr.Ams]]* [[Nurgle]]* [[Octoate]]* [[Odiesoft]]* [[Odin]]* [[Prodatron]]* [[Sync]]* [[TFM]]* [[The Cranium]] == Picture galleries ==  == Web links == * [ XzentriX homepage]
* [[Die Drei Lenöre]] - [ No Sexy Chicks @ XzentriX 2006]