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Upgrading a Dk'tronics RAM Expansion

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/* Conversion to Silicon Disc */
As you can see, Dk'tronics were nice enough to use the same PCB for both the 64K and 256K version and even put the RAM and PAL ICs in sockets, but two ICs are missing in the bottom right corner.
== Parts List ==
The next thing we need to do is change the jumper settings. At the top right conner corner you will see two small vertical wire loops next to each other. These need to be removed and two new bridges added to connect the points horizontally as shown below.
In the top left corner you will see two vertical rows of 5 holes (slightly obscured by a resistor). By connecting the top left hole to the bottom right hole, the expansion will then be mapped to banks 4 to 7. This will allow you to use the device as a Silicon disc or to connect two RAM expansions at the same time (only one should be set to banks 4 to 7). You can connect the two holes with a small piece of wire, for permanent conversion, or with a [[Dk%27tronics_Memory_Expansion_Gallery#256k_RAM_Silicon_Disc_for_CPC_464.2F664_-_modified_.28without_separate_ROM_cartridge.29|switch ]] so that the device can be switched back and forth between the two modes.