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''Zap't'Balls '' was released by [[EGS|Elmsoft]] (Elmar Kreiger) in 1992, and is a conversion of the arcade game ''[[Pang]]''. [[Elmsoft]], who was an experienced demo coder of the demoscene , used a lot of effects and tricks from the CPC demoscene to polish up this game. The game itself is known available in two versionversions: as "''Zap't'Balls" that '', which was originally released as a kind of a game 29-level 'demo ' on the coverdisc of the german German CPC magazine [[CPCAI|CPC Amstrad International]] and could be freely copied, and as "''Zap't'Balls : The Advanced Edition"'', the complete version with a lot of different many more levels, which was released commercially. ''The Advanced Edition '' also contained an intro that originally was originally planned as [[Elmsoft]]'s part for the [[Cuddly Demo]]. It was told that [[Elmsoft]] promised a sequel if nobody would crack his game. Only a few weeks after the release Both versions require 128K of Zap't'Balls the french cracker [[Chany]] of [[NPS]] spreaded the copy of the gamememory.
== Weblinks ==[ has been said that Elmsoft promised a sequel, but only if nobody would crack his game=2168 . However, only a few weeks after the release of ''Zap't'Balls] in '', the French cracker [ CPC zone[Chany] gamebase] of [[NPS]] cracked it and distributed his crack widely.
== ''Amstrad Action'' review controversy ==
[[Simon Forrester]] reviewed ''Zap't'Balls: The Advanced Edition'' in the February 1993 issue of ''[[Amstrad Action]]'' (issue 89) and gave the game an overall rating of 85%, with 90% for graphics and 80% for sound. Although he remarked that "it has amazing graphics and real gameplay," and "you'll be playing it 'til you drop," many CPC scene members felt that it deserved a much higher rating.<!-- To be continued... -->
== Links ==
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