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[[Image:ZaptBalls.gif|right|frame|Screenshot of ''Zap't'Balls'']]
[[Image:ZaptBallsTheAdvancedEdition-TheWorldOfIce.gif|right|frame|Screenshot of The World of Ice, from ''Zap't'Balls: The Advanced Edition'']]
''Zap't'Balls'' was released by [[EGS|Elmsoft]] (Elmar Kreiger) in 1992, and is a conversion of the arcade game ''[[Pang]]'', which was only ever released by [[Ocean]] in cartridge format for the Plus machines. Elmsoft, who was an experienced demo coder, used a lot of effects and tricks from the CPC demoscene to polish up this game. According to an interview in the April 1994 issue of ''[[Amstrad Action]]'' (issue 103), he offered to convert ''Pang'' to the normal CPC machines, but Ocean refused. However, he had spent too much time working on his conversion to abandon the project.