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===First generation===
*'''MO5''': released in 1984 in order to honour the "Plan Informatique pour Tous".
the Supplied with 48K (32K available to user in Basic) The MO5 had quite a lot of different versions sold.
MO5 was first released with rubber keyboard. Then it had a more proper hard plastic mechanical keyboard, which was also supplied in a collector "Michel Platini" white casing..
*'''MO5E''' : had a different casing and was aimed at exportExport, but was also sold on French market as the MO5Etentu (extended), with a AZERTY keyboard though. It features and in-build Joystick and (slightly) upgraded beeper.  The casing would later be reused with MO6 hardware as Network terminals renamed MO5NR.
<gallery caption="Thomson MO5 first generation range of computers">
*'''TO7''' and '''TO7/70''': produced from 1982 to 1984. supllied with only 8K RAM, upgradable into 32K. it can display only 8 colours.
* '''TO7/70''' : in 1984, this one replaced the faulty TO7. The TO7/70 had a bit more RAM (48k, upgradable into 112K) and some bug fixes(implementations for the NanoReseau). Also the keyboard was changed into a rubber keyboard, then mechanical keyboard.
<gallery caption="Thomson TO7 first generation range of computers">
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===Second generation===