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Programming:Fast Textoutput

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/* Original version */
This is the old version from 2005. It has a size of about 3KB. The actual version is 510 bytes larger but has several improvements:
* optimized inchar-screen-line-jump by using SET x,H/RES x,H instead of ADD HL,x (idea by [[MaV]])
* this let keeps BC free, which now doesn't need to be defined for every char and is used for the char counter and for the repeating bytes inside a char matrix
* 256byte aligned jump table, limited to 128 chars to speed up jump table access
* loop-handling moved from main loop to each single char routine to save one JP instruction
ex de,hl ;1
db #fd:dec l ;2
jr nz,mftout1 ;3 14 -> 84-92 NOPs / char (90 average for all chars, 88 for random text)