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Computing With The Amstrad - Australian Edition

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This magazine was essentially an exact clone of the British version of [[Computing with the Amstrad]], except for some program listings, advertisements, suppliers and pricing - this was all local. Agreements were setup with Database Publications in the UK in order to reproduce all of the content. Even the British covers were used - although usually a few months later.
In June 1987 the British version became known as Computing with the Amstrad CPC (as there was a magazine produced called Computing with the Amstrad PCW - also by Database Publications). The Australian version didn't follow suit and remained as CWTA.
What was interesting is that you could actually still get the British version of CWTA across Australia and New Zealand (Alongside TAU, AA & ACU)
Like the British version, later issues incorporated [[Amtix]]. December 1987 was the last issue produced (even though the original British one continued until it became [[CPC Computing]]). Throughout production, the Australian version used the older style British CWTA logo (pre-Oct 1986).
== Covers ==