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ACU Issue 01 (Aug/Sep 1984)

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/* Oh Mummy */
===[[Oh Mummy]]===
Another in the fine line of programs to appear to the accompaniment of a demented tune. No prizes guessing what sort of tune to expect when the hapless British Archaeologist sets about the tombs of Egypt.
Oh Mummy is one of those rare games where the beginners level reall does permit the unwary to beat the computer for once - although stepping up a grade or two gives the mummies the upper hand once again.
Why can't more games have an absolute novice level, or at least an option for unlimited lives while you hone the reactions?
Oh Mummy is a frantic dash around the catacombs, unearthin treasure, annoying mummies and eventually escaping with your life.
As ever, Gem have provided pages of instruction and general background to the game. I wouldn't have been surprised to find Gem listing the inside leg measurement of the mummies.
Smooth graphics and accomplished sound, but programmable to be not too frantic to frighten off those newcomers who quake at the prospect of understanding the rules of some of the mega games, let alone actually playing them! You will be relieved to learn that the tune can be switched off before your senses are embalmed by its haunting melody.
===[[Roland in the Caves]]===