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BoGGer! (Justin Williams) was the only non-Irish member of [[The Firm]]. A talented graphist, he later joined [[Donut System]]. His pseudo was bestowed on him by [[Keith Woods]].

== Incomplete list of releases ==

* [[BePSiL Generations]] (demo, BoGGer! and Slice)
* [[Donut Bomb!]] (demo, BoGGer! and Slice)
* [[Donut Mag]] (disczine, two issues)
* [[Fat Ass]] (demo, BoGGer! and Slice)
* [[Sewerside Meeting Demo]] (demo, BoGGer!, Shades and Slice)

== Unreleased projects ==

* [[Flea Fart in a Hurricane]] (slideshow that Slice saw preview gfx for, but the disc containing the work in progress died)

== Current website links ==

* [ - BoGGer!'s web site, which contains no CPC info whatsoever:]

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