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The MegaFlash is a ROMBoard similar to the [[MegaROM]]. It provides up to 32 virtual [[ROM|ROMs]] (Numbered 0 to 31) in a single 512K Flash ROM, but unlike the MegaROM, the MegaFlash can be populated directly from the CPC using [[User:TFM|TFMs]] [[MegaFlashROManager]] (available for Basic and [[FutureOS]]) or with [ ROMAN] by [[Brueggi]] of [[PNG]] without the need for an EPROM Burner or any additional hardware. Other ROManagement software will currently not work with the MegaFlash.
Being based on Flash technology it also doesn't require a battery like other solutions did in the past. Unfortunately, due to complexity, the PCB design needs to be double-sided, making this project a little more difficult for hobbiests to build than the MegaROM was.