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Slice was a member of the English CPC scene. Before becoming aware of the European scene, he made some games and disczines. After, he was invited to join [[The Firm]], but formed [[Donut System]] instead. [[Malfunction]] and [[KOD]] inspired him to program in machine code (Malfunction even photocopied out a 200 page machine code book for him). He left the scene in 1996, shortly after [[Eliot]] and [[Villain]] invited him to join [[Benediction]]. In Summer 1997 he started programming again earnestly, messing about with full MC routines (including raster scrolls) and coding the demo [[B-Boy]], inspired by a graphic by [[BoGGer!]] (of a bee having a bad dream about a folded up newspaper). This was his first fully machine code demo, but although it all worked he never crunched and linked it (with [[Antoine]]'s [[S-DAF Expander]]) and Slice eventually didn't have enough time for the CPC again.
He also produced a number of cracks, under different pseudos like Mongrel and , The Compi Killerand TUH (The Unbeatable Haggis).
I'll put a program list in when I can be bothered.
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