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ChaRleyTraCker was a functioning but incomplete, and officially unreleased, soundtracker by [[ChaRleyTroniC]].

The program was feature- and file-compatible with [[Soundtrakker]] by [[BSC]], but was intended to be distributed as public domain. (The background to this was similar to the [[Protracker]] vs [[Digitracker]] controversy, after some disagreements about the distribution of [[Soundtrakker]] by [[Sentinel Software]] in the UK.) Among the extra features over and above Soundtrakker were:

* Decompile feature (convert compiled .BIN files back into .SNGs)
* Multiple compile (compile several .SNGs into one .BIN)
* More intuitive sequence editor
* More intuitive 'repeating section' display on instrument editors
* Better API for compiled tunes (including sound effects and a directly readable 'volume meter')

The program was used to create and compile the music for all four issues of [[BTL]]. However, some sections remained unwritten, and an attempted redesign to achieve a more logical screen layout was never completed. The program was hence never officially released, though some early versions circulated.