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Strego is a 1992 turn-based strategy game by Matthias Fink for two to four players. It was published as a bonus program on the magazine disc (Databox) of the February/March 1992 issue of CPC Schneider International. Strego is mostly written in assembly, but full source code was included on the disc.

The objective of the game is to be promoted Prince. The typical way to play is by first building production facilities such as fisheries to get more money, sometime later build the first city (which brings tax money), and after that attack other players' tiles with soldiers and knights. Also, the Black Knight in his desert fortress has to be defeated to win the game.

Originally, the game and its manual were in German, but an English translation has been added to the DSK image below.

The original German source code on the Databox is split into three parts and is apparently in Hisoft Devpac format, i.e. it uses line numbers.



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