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Phrases like "loved of it's generation", "sweet architecture tricks" and "Corporates non sense" don't belong here IMHO. The article needs to be rephrased into a much more neutral tone.

Maybe it is even better to delete most of this article and point to the extremely good wikipedia article and maybe to the amiga wiki instead?

No offence meant. I am just not sure if the CPC wiki really needs to contain articles about every competing computer system while much more complete articles are already out there and can be linked.


--Well, probably. Maybe putting this in a few less page. Like puting all 16bit computers together in a page with mostly Links and a few comments CPC related.

Like the fact atari ST was used in cross development or Game coding.

On the other hand, the 8 bit computers can really get one page each, as Many stuff are CPC related. And Related wiki links (C64wiki or speccywiki ?) can be usefull as coding tricks may be similar.