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This is plain fantastic, and was missing! Thanks so much for the tutorial, mate! Gryzor

About the drive and head switches

Hi! A few questions regarding the optional settings; head switch and A/B switch. Can I switch between head 0 and head 1 while the computer is running? It would be a great way to simulate side A/side B.

I might have failed to understand something about the drive A/B switch. The 3.5" drive can easily be set to A:, but then I lose the 3" drive. Should the switch be set while the computer is running also? Thanks! Nordeide 11:37, 11 May 2010 (UTC)

You can change the switch in any moment, but is better when you change the switch make a reset. Because the computer is like remember where was the header of the drive the last time, and it was in diferent places on the 2 drives. If you don't make a reset, then when you make a CAT for exemple, the header of the drive must go from where it was to the first pist to read. And make a horrible noise on the head of the drive and you can like destroy the drive head if you make this many times.