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(New BBS setup in 2018!)

The Amstrad BBS (Bulletin Board System) for Amstrad Computers inluding CPC, PCW and PPC.

Amstrad BBS

The Amstrad BBS was setup to support Amstrad computer enthusiasts, fans and users - offering a community, chat and file archive. Most importantly, the Amstrad BBS allows Amstrad computers a resource that they can connect to directly and interface with! No World Wide Web functionality required! So get your Amstrad online and join other Amstrad users around the world...

We welcome you to login and register or visit as a Guest. We won't judge you if you don't access the BBS using Amstrad hardware, but you'll certainly get extra respect for using the Amstrad BBS via RS232 or serial connection (Note: for CPC owners you can use a PACE RS232 and wifi232 board etc).

Amstrad BBS Website

Host address:

telnet on port 464 rlogin on port 664 ssh on port 6128