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Developer Andromeda Software
Publisher Amsoft
Musician Unknown
Release 1985
Platform(s) CPC, ZX Spectrum
Genre Category:Arcade
Game Modes 1 Player
Controls Keyboard Joystick
Media disk Cassette
Language Language:english

Build an oil rig in the North Sea quicker and better than your rival and survive all of the hazards thrown at you.

Inlay Text

You have been contracted to take charge of a building site in the middle of the North sea.

With only the company helicopter at your disposal pick up and place the prefabricated building blocks available on the supply ships.

You will be awarded points for each block placed together with a bonus for each storey constructed.

Your building must withstand hurricanes, electric storms, earthquakes and floods all of which will hinder your progress.

Loading screen
Hard at Work
Mission Failure




A simple and addictive arcade game for its time, ACU certainly felt it had its merits, their reviewer believing that it was "well worth a look at, although as it is such an addictive game its a shame there is only one screen to play."

These limitations and the passing of time meant that by the time Amstrad Action ran their eye over the programme it had lost a little of its edge declaring that while it was a nice idea for a game, that the gameplay was somewhat repetitive.

Amtix weren't quite as kind as their Bath counterparts, claiming that the game would be of appeal only to younger gamers, again citing the repetitive element of the task as its key downfall.

ACU: Issue 08 (Jul '85) Page 58 4 out of 5
AA: Issue 01 (Oct '85) Page 78-79 66%
Amtix: Issue 02 (Dec '85) Page 76 44%

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