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The program MegaFlashROManager for FutureOS and AMSDOS/BASIC allows the management of the 512 KB Flash-ROM (=Pseudo-ROM) of the MegaFlash developed by Bryce of FutureSoft. You can load/save all 32 ROMs at once. And every single 16 KB Flash-ROM can be managed individually. This software was developed by TFM of FutureSoft. Versions for both OS are available now. A version for CPC464 running in 64 KB will be released in future. Also a ROM version is planned.


MegaFlashROManager provides the following functions:

  • Park or Unpark ROMs: This is done by manipulating the Byte at &C000. A parked ROM will not be initialized by the firmware.
  • Load ROM(s) (one or all 32): This function allows to load a 16 ROM (or 16 ROMs of 16 KB at once) and to install it in the MegaFlash.
  • Save ROM(s) (one or all 32): Saves one or all ROMs to disc or hard disc. This feature can be used to create backups.
  • Copy ROM(s): Allows copying the content of one ROM select (16 KB) to another. You can use this function for example to copy the BASIC ROM to all free ROM selects.
  • Shift ROM(s): Shifts a 16 KB ROM from one ROM select to another, the old ROM select will be filled with &FF bytes.
  • Erase ROM(s): Deletes a 16 KB ROM with &FF bytes.
  • Test ROM(s): Provide information about a ROM like Type, Version, Mark, ROM name etc. Further you can install the correct checksum to a changed ROM. The ROMs at position 0 (usually the BASIC ROM) and 7 (usually AmsDOS) are protected.
  • Test Flash: This protocol checks the integrity of the 512 KB Flash in a relatively sophisticated way. But it takes 6 minutes.

The version for FutureOS is slightly advanced and more quick than the version for BASIC. The difference in comfort and speed is OS dependent.

The 128 KB version has a multi language interface for: English, French, German, Dutch and Spanish. The planned 64 KB version for the CPC464 will be English only.

In addition a ROM version is planned. Since it must fit in 16 KB it will be downgraded and contain only the English language interface.

File-names must be entered in the format "0A:filename.ext". The number is the user number followed by the drive letter and a semicolon":". Then 8 lettes filename, a dot "." and finally the 3 letters extension. With Control-TAB you can switch the editing mode to overwrite.


The Source Code to Flash a 16 KB ROM can be found here:

- Media:Flash.dsk


  • Download it at []. Go to the Download section. Latest Release date was 2011-08-29, Version number is 1.34.