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Neither Nilquader or i are members of Futuresoft. So TFM please dont write such crap! Kangaroo 23.12.2008

I think it is okay to just remove your names from the members list if you are no members of the group, but also removing informations regarding the group itself isn't that fair, in my oppinion. This was shurly caused by accidently only reverting the article than just editing it. Never mind :)  The heading should be restored IMHO. - Dr.Zed     23.12.2008

Hmm i just switched back to the original edit from before adding my (and JRs) name to the member list. If there is any information lost, i am sure - oh yes i am - tfm will do his very best to correct this. So it was not to be "unfair" or what ever. if you want to correct it.. just do it :-) Kanga 23.12.2008

Fixed. Nothing serious, just the comment about software not being released should be removed; otherwise, are you serious? He added you in the team without you actually being members? :D :D :D Gryzor 20:37, 23 December 2008 (UTC)

After a long time, while my account was blocked (don't ask for logic here...), now I'm able to respond. At the meeting in Erlangen 2008 I had a talk with Nilquader and he says that he is in no group on the CPC. So I invited him to join FutureSoft. He agreed. Kangaroo has heard that and gave a comment... However since Kangaroo had made some songs for Giana Sisters I said him, ok, you can also join the team.

Now Kangaroo has forgotten this it seems, maybe because he wants to be with Nilquader alone in the group Spring. No problem, I can accept that. But I really would like to know the opinion of Nilquader. Maybe he writes nothing here only to relax the situation. But however, Nilquader, it would be ok to give your comment here. TFM.

TFM, if you don't edit your insulting comments here and elsewhere (about logic etc) I will delete them. I will NOT tolerate insults against me on the wiki that I administer! You accepted that you have created multiple accounts to get around the ban, do you realize this is reason enough for a permanent ban? And, don't you realize that I can just lock the page and thus prevent you from even using multiple accounts? Are you SO shosrt-sighted? Gryzor 15:28, 30 December 2008 (UTC)As Nil informed me about the "being in the group must be wrong"-Term here, he sure not has agreed to be in the group. As we sat outside at the greek restaurant we founded SPRING. Your invitation to FutureSoft was a JOKE and was understand as a JOKE. Nobody wanted to join the group and the fact, that i did some sounds for a never released game doesnt automatically bring me into a group i dont want to be. As i am always talking bad about FOS you cannot even think about wanting me seriously in your group. and i even dont want to be in there :-) Greets Kanga 30.12.208  20:13

Hi Gryzor. Please calm down. Sorry, I really don't want to insult you! So I have to explain why my answer is coming late. And sorry again, personally I can see no logic in it. You have much more experience in Wiki related things. For sure you're right. Sorry again. But please accept that other people (me in this case) sometimes can't understand some things happening. I really don't want to insult anybody. I hope you can see that now. If you want me to change the last comment, I can do that. Have a good day. TFM.