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Hi Gryzi. Maybe you can tell me why you have removed the small logo "Dont drink and write" from the page?

well, this is one for the Main Page talk, not for my user page :D But if you refresh you'll see it's there. I just reverted and inserted it by hand because the
tags were a bit screwed up after your edit (a bug in the rich text editor). Do you have plans to create something more to back the logo up? Gryzor 11:09, 2 January 2009 (UTC)

Error CPC Plus Horizontal scroll


There seems to have an error in "CPC Plus Horizontal scroll".It doesn't work properly on winape.Could you test it on a real CPC+ to be sure ?

i just wrote a little fix in case of (ln142-156)

The horizontal pixel scroll offset is updated for every pixel.
;; The CRTC scroll offset is updated for every CRTC character (every 16 pixels in mode 2
;; OR every 8 pixels in mode 1 OR every 4 pixels in mode 0).

scroll_speed EQU 2 ;; increments for pixel scrolling:
 ;; 1 for mode 2
 ;; 2 for mode 1
 ;; 4 for mode 0

;; get horizontal pixel scroll offset
ld a,(horz_pixel_offset)

sub scroll_speed
and &f
ld (horz_pixel_offset),a
cp 16-scroll_speed
ret nz

Guday from Australia! :)

Hey yeah I hadn't noticed the forum on here before, I've only got the Link to the Old CPC Zone Forum, knew about the CPCWiki cause I contributed Type-Ins from AA17 and Reworked that Interceptor Game from ACU (Aug '86)!

Had to revise my Turbo Pascal Website because the host it was on (Geocities) decided to Close (Yahoo wanted to close it down since it controlled it and charge people a Fiver to have a site with them!). I'd moved it to Angelfire since their still going, seems to be doing alright there, it sadly needs more programs though. Initally I thought CPCWiki had gone cause I was trying to find out if I could put my Turbo Pascal Program examples on here since the source only takes up a small amount of space. Anyway it's good to see your still around! :D Glad I didn't delete the URL! :) --CPM User 09:48, 27 July 2010 (UTC)

Well yes... just like Geocities, we had some problems (try looking Kangaroo's page here). So we had to switch domains... I just hope you start visiting the forum, your avatar was one of the most recognizeable :) Gryzor 09:50, 27 July 2010 (UTC)

The Other Gryzor

Check out the discussion page for Gryzor, the game.

I have, there's also a discussion in the forum:
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