Agent X II: The Mad Prof's Back

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Agent X II: The Mad Prof's Back
Agent XII front cover
Release 1987
Publisher Mastertronic
Developer Software Creations
Programmer Mark Wilson & Steven Tatlock
Musician Tim Follin
Artist John Tatlock
Genre Multigenre
Players 1
Controls Keyboard Joystick
Language Language:english
Media Cassette
Compatability 464, 664, 6128 & Plus
Magazine Reviews 38% - AA 028 (Jan 88)
55% - CWTA 039 (Mar 88)
Information Appeared on side A of the compilation Megaplay Volume 1

Agent XII is a three part game by Mastertronic. Each of the parts is a different type of game:

  • the first is a horizontally scrolling shoot-em-up;
  • the second is a vertically scrolling platform game;
  • the final part is an Arkanoid clone

Inlay Text

The mad professor has returned, seeking revenge after you foiled his plan to capture the President.

This time he is out to ruin the world economy. He has set up an underground base on the moon. From this hide out, he is planning to unleash his terrible Zit-Ray.

This hideous device causes everybody to break out in terrible terminal acne. The mad prof's plans that, with spending so much money on spot remover cream - which due to the terrible effects of the Zit-Ray will not work anyway - the economy will be in ruins, as no-one will have any money left for essentials.

Only you, the super sleuth, Agent X can foil the potty professor's perfect plan.

You must away to the Moon, fight your way past wacky Waglots, enter the sinister secret sub-surface stronghold and surprise the scientist in a single stupendous showdown for supremacy.

Destroy the dastardly device and free the faces from festering follicies.

The world relies on you!


AXIIScr1.png AXIIScr2.png AXIIScr3.png AXIIScr4.png AXIIScr5.png AXIIScr6.png AXIIScr7.png AXIIScr8.png

Cheat Mode


By Jason Brooks (CWTA 039 - March 1988)

  • Part One: Just keep blasting away. You must destroy the brain three times.
  • Part Two: To get the access codes for the computers move into the spiked ball that will move across the screen. To access the computers move on to one and press the spacebar. It will either stay off-line or ask for a code. You must access three computers. After the third, take the fourth access code to the bottom computer.




POKE 5CDA,A7 for Infinite Energy


By The Hairy Hacker (ACU Issue 039 - March 1988): Infinite Energy in Levels 1 & 3; and Infinite Lives in Level 2
Agent X II (ACU Poke).jpg
By Jason Brookes (CWTA Issue 039 - March 1988): Infinite Energy in Levels 1 & 3; and Infinite Lives in Level 2
Agent X II (CWTA Poke).jpg


  • Although billed as a sequel to 'Agent X in the Brain Drain Caper', this game was not released for the CPC range and is available only on the ZX Spectrum (click here to view the game at World of Spectrum).
  • On completion of the third level you're presented with a further password: SMALL CHANGE GOT RAINED ON. This doesn't seem to do anything, however, and it's possible that a fourth level may have been originally planned but not coded.
  • Agent XII is also available on





Agent X II Cover.JPG


Agent X II Manual.jpg

Media Scan

Agent X II Cass.jpg


By Gary Barrett (AA 028 - January 1988)

Agent X II (AA).jpg

By Steve Lucas (CWTA 039 - March 1988)

Agent X II (CWTA).jpg


File:Agent X II.mp3
File:Agent X II (Level 2).mp3

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