Amstrad Action March 1987 Type-Ins

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The following listings were published in the March 1987 issue of Amstrad Action:


  • More than Four (Charles Gatenby)
  • 3D Cube (Paul McLean)
  • Synth (Alastair Scott)
  • Disk Menu (Joseph Halstead)
  • Search-and-Replace (N. A. Smith)
  • Sound to Light (Alexander Clark)
  • Space Tunnel (David Hall)
  • Invadders (Jim Ollerhead)

Problem Attic

  • Moving pixels - a demonstration of how to move a pixel around the screen
  • Extended Catalogue

Hot Tips

  • Undazzling - a response to the "Bordering on superdazzle" listing that was published in the Christmas 1986 issue
  • Easier to control (J. Evans) - a response to Motor Control, which was published in the December 1986 issue
  • The Fourth Mode (Nick Speakman)
  • Double-Width Characters (Ewen Flint)


Several of the listings published in this issue are bugged.

Space Tunnel contains a bug; two NEXT statements are duplicated, resulting in an "Unexpected NEXT" error.

Extended Catalogue contains a bug; the program does not display the execution address of binary files, although it tries to display an execution address for ASCII files instead, which does not make sense.

The "Easier to control" listing contains a minor bug; the program is supposed to redefine the f1 and f2 keys, but it redefines the f3 and f4 keys instead.

Double-Width Characters is set up to work on CPC664 and CPC6128 machines. The author provided a modification for CPC464 machines, but it does not work.