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CPCRSlib is a C library containing routines and functions that allow to the handling of sprites and tile-mapping in Amstrad CPC.

The library is written to be used with Z88DK compiler or with SDCC complier. CPCRSlib also incorporates keyboard routines to redefine and to detect keys, as well as general routines to change to the screen mode or the colours.

It can be found an explanation of each function/routine included in the library in http://www.amstrad.es/programacion/cpcrslib.html

Last release of the library can be downloaded at: sourceforge/cpcrslib

CPCWYZlib is included in the downloadable package of CPCRSlib. CPCWYZlib includes a music player and SFX player coded by WYZ, which can play music created with WYZTracker.

Easy installation

If starting from scratch:

  1. Get cpc-dev-tool-chain which sets up automatically a C or ASM compiling environment on Linux, Windows, Mac.
  2. Create your project. In one of your C source file, just #include "cpcrslib.h".
  3. Compile the project. cpc-dev-tool-chain will notice the dependency and fetch and compile cpcrslib for you.

Need sample projects to see how how to start? cpc-dev-tool-chain has a cpcrslib-all target that compiles cpcrslib sample projects.


On Ubuntu Lucid Lynx :

cd cpcrslib/
z80asm -v -xcpcrslib.lib @cpcrslib.lst
sudo cp cpcrslib.lib /usr/share/z88dk/lib/clibs/
sudo cp cpcrslib.h /usr/share/z88dk/include

now it should work.


A classic "Hello world" from cpcrslib :

#include "cpcrslib.h"	// CPC Library

int main(void) {
	cpc_PrintStr("Hello World!");
	while (!cpc_AnyKeyPressed()) {	}
	return 0;

You should provide a zcc_opt.def in the source directory :

	defc myzorg = 16384

IF !NEED_appstartup
	DEFINE	NEED_appstartup
	defc reqpag = 32
	defc NEED_expanded = 1

Compile the contents by running the compiler, pre-processor and linker in one go by typing:

zcc +cpc -create-app -make-app -O3 -unsigned -o hello.bin hello.c -lcpcrslib -lndos -zorg=16384

you'll have a hello.cpc file ready to be run on your CPC.

Sources of projects using z88dk/SDCC and cpcrslib

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