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Here's some info when the CPC was launched in which countries, and which companies distributed the machines.


Distributed by AWA. Like Schneider, the name Awa is one of the LK-selectable Brand Names contained in the CPC BIOS.

  • AWA were the Australian Amstrad distributor from initial CPC launch till around mid 1988 when Amstrad set up office in Australia.
  • ACU Jan/Feb 1985, page 16 - CPC down under


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Distributed by Schneider (around 1984 till late 1987 or early 1988), and Amstrad GmbH (around 1988-199x).

  • Computer Kontakt, Dec 1984, page 7.
  • Computer Kontakt, Jan 1985, pages 59, 60.


As far as concerning the Amstrad Computer User magazine "overseas" is everywhere outside England, like Eire (ACU Sep 1985 page 7) or Norway (ACU Jan 1987 page 13).


  • ACU Jan/Feb 1985, page 16 - Launch in Singapore
  • ACU Dec 1985, page 14 - User Group in Singapore (titled "Amstrad Users Singled Out")


Distributed by Indescomp, originally an independant spanish company, which was later aquired by Amstrad, and eventually renamed to Amstrad Espana.

  • ACU Jan/Feb 1985, page 14.
  • ACU Dec 1987, page 5 - Amstrad aquired Indescomp.


In USA, the CPCs were originally distributed by Indescomp (Amstrad's spanish distributor who also launched the CPC6128 in USA). Further US distributors were Sears World Trade and Vidco, the latter one possibly more focusing on PCs or PCWs, not on CPCs.

The CPC6128 launch in USA appears to have been a flop, only two months later, the "US model" (the CPC6128) was sold in europe. And there's little info on how many (if any) CPC6128's were sold in USA. Never the less, about a year later, Sears World Trade gave it another try with the Amstrad PCW8256 InfoWorld - 7 Jul 1986, page 11.