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CPC Tape Connector

External Cassette Connector (CPC 664/6128 only) (5 pin DIN, female)

 1  Remote Control           __ __
 2  Ground                  /  -  \
 3  Remote Control         |       |
 4  Data Input             |3     1|
 5  Data Output             \5_2_4/
  • The two Remote Control pins are connected to a relay inside of the CPC, the relay becomes closed when the /Motor On bit in PIO Port C is set to zero, ie. the cassette recorder may use the relay to switch its power suppy on and off when Play and/or Record is pressed - this is of course supposed for low-voltages only.
  • The CPC 6128+ does not include a Cassette Connector.

KC Compact Tape Connector

KC Compact uses a 5pin DIN connector

 1      Cas-Write            __ __
 2      GND                 /  -  \
 3      Cas-Read           |       |
 4      Sound-Mono         |3     1|
 5      Motor On (TTL)      \5_2_4/
 Shield GND
  • Caution: The connector looks same as on CPC, but the Pin-Outs are entirely different, and, Motor On is a TTL output (instead of a Relay)

Aleste Tape/Sound Connector (female)

Aleste 520EX uses a 5pin female DIN connector

 1      Tape In              __ __
 2      GND                 /  -  \
 3      Sound Mono-Left    |       |
 4      Tape Out           |3     1|
 5      Sould Mono-Right    \5_2_4/
 Shield GND
  • The Left/Right pins are actually shortcut with each other on the Aleste mainboard, so sound is mono.
  • There is no Tape Motor Control (the corresponding PIO bit is mis-used as Printer Strobe in the Aleste).
  • According to the Russian User Manual the two Tape pins are NC. They do exist in the schematics though.

External Cassette Ports

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