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ConvImgCpc is a small program developed by Demoniak; it allows the conversion of PC images to the CPC.

It will read images in BMP, GIF, JPEG format and of course SCR (the format of OCP ART STUDIO pictures).

For SCR the files must have an AMSDOS header.

Once the image is read, it is possible to carry out some adjustments on:

  • the position of the image,
  • the size of the image,
  • the intensity of each component R, G, B (useful for adjusting brightness of image).

Then the conversion can be made in the three screen modes of the CPC :

  • MODE 0: 160 × 200 points with 16 possible colors from 27,
  • MODE 1: 320 × 200 points with 4 possible colors from 27,
  • MODE 2: 640 × 200 points with 2 possible colors from 27.
  • MODE 3: a special mode which let you use more than 4 colors in 320 × 200 points.

Several modes of dithering are possible for "recreating" the missing colors.

The colors calculated by the program can be modified manually and "locked", i.e. that they will not be modified by the program during a conversion.

ConvImgCpc has an option to use the 4096 colors of the Plus range of machines.

It is also possible to use non standard resolution (up to 736 × 272 points in MODE 2).

You can edit the picture generated inside ConvImgCpc.

The image is saved to SCR format for standard formats, and when you save you can choose if the file is compressed or not. The colors can also be saved to a separate PAL file.

The software also makes it possible to read the palette from another file.

You can save your calculated image under an assembler source file (filled with DEFBs) so that you can include it into your programs.

ConvImgCpc can be downloaded from Demoniak's web site. The most recent version as of December 2018 is 0.16.

Similar tools

  • gfx2crtc portable tool intended for automated builds