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gfx2crtc - gfx convert tools to amstrad cpc format

gfx2crtc is a tool to convert gfx (linear raw 8bits per pixel or PNG 1,2 or 4 bits) in a compatible format for Amstrad CPC and Plus.

Initial Software written by : CloudStrife/Shinra (Quentin Carlier)

It is spread under the CeCILL Free Software License v2, see LICENSE for more information.

See AUTHORS for the list of contributors.

Comparison with other tools

  • ConvImgCPC is intended for manual tweaking and saving to CPC format with a manual workflow.
  • On the contrary, gfx2crtc is perfect for automated build workflow: work on your images in some general use format like PNG, and only convert automatically at build time.
  • can convert not only full screens, but also sprites (one sprite per input image, not too big)


Written in portable C. Linux, Mac OS, Windows (code mentions mingw), probably others.

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