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Futurs' is a french demogroup. They published the Quasar CPC paper fanzine and have various others projects.


  • Quasar CPC: a CPC french papermag published between 1992 and 2007 (mainly dedicated to coding).
  • Quasar Net: a wiki version of Quasar CPC, started in 2009 (embed improved version of the original Quasar CPC articles and illustrations, and some new topics).





  • ROMBoot 1 & 2: small ROMs to access common tools directly from boot sequence.
  • Syspatch: small system extension (fast math, 8-bit printer on CPC+, ...).
  • CPCISA rom: drivers for CPC-ISA.
  • Albireo rom: AMSDOS compatible drive for Albireo USB card (cancelled in favor of UniDOS).
  • UniDOS rom: AMSDOS compatible DOS which provides support for additional hardware/software drives through plugin ROM called DOS nodes



  • Soundplayer+, SoundplayerNG: these cards include a classic Soundplayer and a VirtualNet network interface.

Unfinished projects

  • Asic Inside: a CPC+ demo, which will be finished... soon... maybe...
  • Aventury (cancelled, some preview where released within the Aventury Reliques Pack #1)
  • ANA operating system (prototyping only, discontinued).
  • Stormlord Plus: a remake of the game stormlord for CPC+... finished but never published.
  • Mélodie: this project is a real sound card for cpc, with high-quality real time sampling and replaying (this project was cancelled before the final release).


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Official web site: futurs.cpcscene.net